iXeS legacy

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The iXeS (*) Studio Theatre was founded by actor Udo Wiegand in 2009. It was located in the 4.th floor of the Tacheles Art Centre Berlin, Oranienburger Strasse. 

In the 4 years of its existence it was a marvelous site for theater performances of small groups and monologists, Space for performances, concerts, artists' meetings, rehearsals, as well as exhibitions by visual artists. 

It is impossible to list everyone and everything, the highlights were: 

* The preparations of the many artistic street actions to save the Tacheles Art Centre. This also involving a big number of supporting artists living in Berlin and guest artists from all over the world. 

* The solo "The Actor" by the French author Alain Riviere, directed by Elisabetta Dal Dosso premiered in TIK-Nord, Berlin-Friedrichshain, then played by the actor Udo Wiegand in iXeS studio theater. 

* The development of the two-person Sketches "Tango Horrible" , the theater workshops "Magic If" by Rich Gold, actor from New York. 

* Rehearsals for "House of Dreams" , a musical in the style of a trash art revue, written and arranged by Sabia Khan, premiered on 12.2.2012 in the Golden Hall of the Tacheles with over 30 artists ... 

Remarkable also: Spontaneous collaborations with artists from around the world who simply dropped in without previous warning, discovered the Ixes for themselves and developed small projects: The Drystone from St. Petersburg , Russia ( experimental, physical theater), Carolina Balduzzi, clown from Bueonos Aires, Argentina, Maria Stoyanova, actress, Barcelona , Spain (Butoh), and many others. 

With "Shakespeare meets Tacheles" an experimental format was created , casual visitors - mostly tourists - were surpringly involved in small amusing Theatergames. 

The Ixes cooperated significantly in Tacheles activities , such as the "long night of the concrete" (a Play from SKET - Quick Cultural Reaction Force, two subsequent concerts), the monthly "Open Studio" events etc. Dance performances as a framework to exhibition openings , disco nights were mediated by Ixes for Tacheles . 

At its core the Ixes studio theater was a cube-shaped room of 4 meters edge length, painted white, with Italian stage and about 20 seats for spectators . To Ixes most of the audience came not planned but accidentally, it was simply surprised to find such a thing at Tacheles. "After the play I had to get used with reality again" (Audience vote) The Tacheles in itself was a stage, and therefore Ixes was "magic high 2" ... a stage on the stage. 

A little fame remained: http://tinyurl.com/pandaixes "A great starting point for anyone interested in the underground theater scene in the city." 

two seconds view through the key hole to the glorious past: http://tinyurl.com/bbcixes 

Theatermanager Udo Wiegand Homepage http://udowiegand.jimdo.com 

(*) iXeS = eXtra Small ...